Friday, June 14, 2013

Leave the Redskins Alone, PC Police


No, I'm not repeating the title to an article secretly disguised as an open letter to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder by Dave Zirin

That's my reaction to Zirin's article.

This piece could be construed by some as one big example of trolling in one sense, while defending a  stubborn man with a lot of money that I will never see in my lifetime.

So be it- but enough with the political correctness.

These days we think and rethink things, then we rethink what we just rethought- and even then the message we are trying to convey can be twisted and turned against us. It's the world we live in. A world that sees us try and put figurative lipstick over a pig made up of various actions and ideals, all in the hopes that we can be seen as sensitive and open-minded.

Years ago another beloved Washington franchise changed their name due to two reasons: a move into a new arena and a response to critical Washingtonians- and not for the better. Now the Wizards are mulling over a return to the Bullets label, one I am all for. It's a fierce and dynamic name not meant to be perceived as violent, but I digress.

Dan Snyder was quoted as saying "We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps."

Caps or no caps- that is not the question. The question is do I agree with Mr. Snyder?

Simply put: YES. In all caps.

For a man that has drawn the ire of many a 'Skins fan over the years for the way he chooses to run his team, he can not be more on point regarding his stance. As an outsider looking in and not a Redskins fan-but a DMV resident- I share the struggle fans have had with Snyder over the years, but now share Snyder's defiance in the face of the PC Police.

Why change now? In 2013, when many more pressing issues are at hand (the economy, the war on terrorism, etc) people choose to bring this overblown issue to the forefront? I suppose at the moment I am guilty even by simply responding via this blog- sue me.

We live in a time where kids have no idea what cassette tapes or VHS tapes were. Floppy disk? Yeah, right. They barely know what CDs are, let alone a name frowned upon  eighty  years ago. No one (aside from those who bolster the PC Police) associate the name Redskins as a derogatory term.

The Redskins and then-coach Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls from  1982 to 1991. They have a history, a lineage, a loyal fan-base spread throughout the country. This isn't a young upstart failure of a team like the Charlotte Bobcats (sorry lone Bobcat fan and Your Airness). This is a team with one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league and is on the rise in the NFC.

Where would it stop? Rename the Cleveland Indians, too? How about the Atlanta Braves? What about the Boston Celtics and Notre Dame- I mean both teams imply that Irish people have hot tempers and love to fight. Can I take offense to that? As a Vikings fan and Catholic can I be aghast at the fact they were known for killing churchmen and destroying church sites?

Leave the Redskins alone, Dave Zirin and others who follow that line of thinking. Because if you don't and the name were to somehow get changed, you'd have opened up a Pandora's box for this to happen anywhere in sports.

I know you don't need it, Mr. Snyder- but I got your back on this one.

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