Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Top 5 WWE Returns I Most Want to See

5. World's Greatest Tag Team: Benjamin and Haas could always wrestle, but in the years since they have been gone, they have seasoned their characters as well. They could be face or heel and just about business all the time. Not much needs to be said- just let them loose on your tag division and have 30 min tag matches (Shield/WGTT?!) Sorry Matadors- no room for you, but let's keep the lil bull.

4. John Morrison- The dude probably still cannot talk a lick, but his moveset was fun and did allow him to get over massively with the audience. He'd be great for MITB/ladder/TLC matches, and maybe he could feud with Miz and rejuvenate his stale run in the WWE.

3. MVP- His character had plenty of mileage on it back in 2007. So to see him get released was a surprise. The man had the IT factor, and while no true mat technician, he could still go and put on fun, worthwhile matches. His character gets over with all ages and the merchandise market for him was never really tapped into. Plus, his entrance was pretty awesome along with his music. Have him help the midcard and renew the belts' prestige, and if he gets over enough to warrant a WWE or heavyweight title shot- why not?

2. Hulk Hogan- Hogan needs to come back. Forget the last four years, and bring back the WWE Hogan. He doesn't even need to wrestle (just the occasional leg drop), but seeing him on a WWE show or PPV would definitely be a fun thing to watch after all these years.

1. Kurt Angle- This is a no-brainer. Yes he is up there in age, but Angle was always the real deal- it's true, it's true. While he is not in his prime, he could still give WWE a few more classics, feud again with Rock, Brock, give the rub to Ziggler, Punk and Bryan. Plus Cena/Angle renewing their "ruthless aggression" match? Sign me up. Also, Angle needs a proper DVD set, and he never got one before leaving for TNA.

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