Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's My House of Cards and I Want It NOW

If there is one thing movie and television lovers these days know, it's instant gratification and binge watching. Just like Queen's infamous song, people want it all- and they want it now.

And Netflix capitalizes on their eagerness with it's premiere original show, House of Cards. They used the same tactic last year on February 1st, and the momentum only built from there heading into the newest season of the show. 

February 14th is a special date in honor of Saint Valentine who was beheaded for performing marriages for young lovers while it was forbidden by Rome's emperor, Claudius (also known as Claudius the Cruel). It is now commemorated by getting females flowers, cards and chocolates. The encore effort from House of Cards is upon us-so why not eat the chocolates and watch the Netflix's best show at your leisure? 


When we last left the not-so-comfy confines of H.O.C.'s version of D.C., Frank (Kevin Spacey) had been behind the downfall of Peter's (Corey Stoll) political career and ultimately- his life. Along with his power-hungry wife, Claire (Robin Wright), Frank battles the media fallout along with pesky reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara). Claire also faces adversity as newcomer Gillian (Sandrine Holt) questions her motives and is sent on a leave of absence. Gillian then attempts to sue for wrongful termination due to her being pregnant. Frank is vetted for the vice presidency, and ultimately receives the spot alongside President Walker (Michael Gill). His plan for more power alongside Claire is in motion, and the duo is literally as they- spoiler alert- end the season going for a nighttime jog. 

Yeah, sorry to ruin the ending there. 

All of the brand-new thirteen episodes are available for viewing pleasure currently. Instead of finishing it in three to four months like most shows, this can be done in thirteen hours or so- with the help of some Starbuck's or Redbull. More power to those of you who can limit yourself to one  day. And even more power to those of you who can hold yourselves to one  a week.

The season starts where it left off, with the power couple brought into picture via that same late night/early morning run. The two pause with sweat trickling down their brows and give each other a nod, signaling they are ready for more. 

And that is what the Underwoods are about. Never backing down from a fight. Undertaking each and every ambition they have in life- personally and professionally. The first season was them getting their foot in the door not only in story lines, but with the fans streaming the show as well. Season two sees them kick it wide open without hesitation. Lines are drawn, then crossed. The grey areas only get murkier and more twisted as the characters only go further down the rabbit hole of madness. 

David Fincher's district continues to stay on its path of darkness and underhandedness with misguided motives and agendas all over. The second season not only sucks you in completely engulfs you. Like last year, it tosses you into this mix of dastardly deeds and backstabbing actions and makes you feel like you are a part of it every step of the way. It stays true to itself- and ironically on most accounts, that means a ton of dishonesty. While the most genuine words spoken by characters are brutal truths, there is something to be said for cutting to the chase and avoiding sugarcoated speeches. 

The best at telling it like it is? Well that would be Spacey's Frank Underwood by a large margin. His stern tone and touch of a southern accent he slides into with such ease is only made sharper and more vindictive with his brilliant use of analogies and merciless nature. As the first chapter of the second season ends, Spacey finally glances toward the viewer to deliver his ever-popular external monologue. By saving it until the end, those at home practically demand that Frank opens up. 

"Did you think I'd forgotten you? I bet you wish I had."

Frank goes on to display his mastery of analogies and delivers the cold hard truth on a silver platter. As calloused as you are, we are just happy you acknowledged us- Mr. Vice President.

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